A romantic painter and poet lives in Brighton of England.

Brighton is on the south coast of England with a very beautiful ending less sea shore.

Birds sing everywhere.

Everyone swims and sleeps all through the day.

Anyone steps in this place,

no one wants to leave.

This minute is sunny all the time,

only you stretch your hands you can catch the sky.

But the next minute rain pours down densely and heavily.

With this changeable weather,

everyone feels so lazy, crazy, and demented.

Especially The English Rose,

actually she cannot communicate with people by words or any other means,

only she can do is painting and writing……

She cannot get into sleep,

a lot of stuff fills fully in her brain,

She even cannot breathe sometimes,

only she can do is painting and writing……

Most of the time, she cannot eat or drink,

or eat a lot and drink a lot,

She is so very sick of these kinds of things,

only she can do is painting and writing……

No matter Day or Night.

Even in her dream,

she is still painting and writing……

Sometimes she thinks herself is a cat,

a cat with four white legs,

or a crow,

a crow with hard big  beak,

jumping all over the world,

and flying straightly into the earth,

and finally going to hurt herself dramatically.

She only cannot stop.

Only she can do is painting and writing……